learning center + pond gallery

Learning Center
General Pond Care Information
• What do I do about green water?
• How do I deal with stringy algae in my Pond?
• How often should my pond be cleaned?
• What kind of chemicals do I add to the tap water?
• When and why should I test the water?
• What do I do when the pond freezes over?
• How do I know if my pond needs repair?
• How do I find and repair a leak?

Fish & Pond Life Information
• How many fish can I have?
• How often do I feed the fish?
• What is the best fish food?
• Can I mix Koi and goldfish?
• Will Koi destroy my plants?
• How do I choose good fish?
• How do I acclimate new pond fish to my pond?
• How do I keep predators from eating my fish?
• Are snails and tadpoles important to have?
• What about other kinds of pond life?
• Can a pond attract mosquitoes?
• Will the pond attract undesirable wildlife?

Aquatic Plant Information
• What type of plants should I get? How many plants do I need?
• What is a "marginal" plant?
• What is the "crown" of the plant?
• What is the difference between a 'tropical' and a 'hardy' plant?
• What do I need to know about pond plants?
• How do I save my tropical plants over the winter?

Pond Installation Advice
• Where is a good place to put a pond?
• How do I choose a size and shape?
• What are the requirements of a Koi pond?
• Do I need to run utilities out to the pond area?
• What items do I need to purchase for my pond?
• Do I operate the pump and filter all day?
• Do the pump and filter stay on all year round?
• How much will a pond cost in time and money?
• What kind of regular maintenance should I expect?
• What size pump is appropriate?
• What size and type of filter should I purchase?
• How do I calculate the volume of my pond?

Pond Gallery

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