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Backyard Ponds, LLC / PondMart
P.O. Box 1802 Beltsville, MD 20704-1802
toll-free: 877-844-POND (7663)
Metro-Washington D.C. area: 301-931-9395
fax: 240-331-0792
email: support@pondmart.com
website: www.backyardponds.com
online store: www.PondMart.com

Telephone business hours: M-F 9am - 6pm EST
We have no retail location.

About Us
PondMart.com is the online store of Backyard Ponds, LLC in Beltsville, MD. Backyard Ponds is a pond installation and maintenance company that was started in 1996 by Hillary Elgert and Jennifer Kilroy. They managed an aquarium store where they were frequently asked questions about pond maintenance. They already knew a lot about fish, and Hillary had had ponds since she was little, but they still had to do a lot of research to answer the questions correctly. After the umpteenth question, Hillary turned to Jennifer and said, “Why don’t we just start a pond business and get paid to answer these questions?” The rest is history.

Backyard Ponds has installed several hundred ponds since then, and repaired, refurbished and cleaned many, many more. We have won awards for our designs and have earned a reputation for quality work and good service. We only work on ponds. They are our joy and passion. Our customers are very loyal; some are like family because we share our passion for ponds with them. Have a look at the ponds we’ve installed on www.backyardponds.com. and on the gallery page of this site. We’ve built ponds as large as 30’ x 60’ and waterfalls as long as 70’.

In January of 1999, we expanded the business to include an online store, www.PondMart.com. PondMart is a complete source for quality pond supplies, selling the same items that have been used repeatedly in the field by us and our crew. We spend a lot of time researching products to find what, in our opinion, are the best quality and most functional items, even for small items like thermometers. We are thrilled about the growth of the industry and all the new technology going into pond products nowadays. We will continue to share our passion and knowledge with you as much as possible to help keep ponding a successful hobby for everyone.